Monday, November 30, 2015


Advent started last night.....  we will start reading our Unwrapping the Greatest Gift tomorrow. I love this time of year. I love Advent.  Several years ago we started doing little "surprises" every day. Simple things that make lifelong memories. I asked the boys if they wanted to shorten it this year to once  week and they said ... NO! They love the surprises too!

We spend less, give more, love all, and worship fully.  At least that is what we try to do. Sometimes life squeezes in and stress comes. Each day His mercies are new and we start again.

Wesley, Wyatt & Lysa are the three that are still at home.  Wesley is 12, Wyatt is 13, and Lysa is 18. This time next year .... Lysa will probably be at college. Time is short and they grow so fast. I have to keep reminding myself this when life presses in.....   I wouldn't change the past 30 years of being a parent. Even the mistakes.

Someone blessed us with this.....  it came in the mail. We are not sure who but we love it! Especially Wyatt!

Do you do Advent?  Ann Voskamp's book "Unwrapping the Greatest Gift" is one of our favorites!

Would love to hear from you.  Hope to be blogging lots more.....    May God prepare your hearts as we prepare for Him.

Sponsor a child this Christmas... change a life forever!
Grace~ Teena

Sunday, October 18, 2015

I am a Nonni!

Our first grandchild......  a grandson!

LINCOLN EMORY LEWIS PRICE was born Oct. 9, 2015. He weighed 7lbs 7oz and was 19.5" long!



Oh, sweet Lincoln, I love you so very much~ I am so thankful to be your Nonni!

Aunt Lysa & Lincoln. Pure JOY.
Nonni & Grandpa with Lincoln
Pops & Grammie with Lincoln (Amber's parents)

Wyatt & Wesley holding Lincoln. They were so very excited. They would argue over who held him more!
Daddy (my oldest son, Michael) and Lincoln.

As we waited!! Lysa took a selfie of Amber's parents and all of us!

Going home!

We are beyond thrilled. Full of JOY.  So very thankful for Lincoln! Amber & Mike have been married for almost 8 yrs. We have prayed and waited and in God's perfect time.... Lincoln is here!

My word for 2015 is JOY.  A new life. A first grandchild. A grandSON! So thankful to God!


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

So Many Things~

I have not been a very good blogger the past year. My computer is on its last leg and so it takes a lot of effort.   A lot of times I do not even get on the laptop, I just look at things on my iphone.  I love Instagram (teenaprice).  I have facebook and I post there often.  I post on IG daily.... several times a day usually.


I miss this quiet place.

Not many know I am here and I feel I can come and share my heart without being judged. 

We have been busy with school and life.  My daughter in law is 37 weeks and we are anxiously awaiting our first grandbaby!  A grandson!  Just a few more weeks.....   really anytime now!

Tomorrow Kara Tippet's book will be here!  It is a book she wrote before she died.  She wrote it Jill Lynn Buteyn.  I am so excited!

Just Show Up: The Dance of Walking Through Suffering Together.  In the book they write about what friendships look like in the midst of changing  life seasons, loads of laundry,  and even cancer. ~
I loved Kara's book, The Hardest Peace.  It was a hard read but so very real. Life is short and Kara's book showed me how to embrace the moment and live life on purpose... through the hard times too!

Would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment if you stop by.


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Summer of 2015

Our summer was wonderful. One of the best I can remember. We volunteered at two camps. Our church's kids camp called SUMMERGIZE and our church's DNOW called THE WKEND kids went to THE WKEND and I helped.  We also had a great time at Backyard Bible Club.  Lots of memories made.
                All the helpers~ Orange Team
              Lysa's small group.  Gracie helped.
                           We went to a local swimming/zip lining place.  Wyatt & Wyn


 Lysa and the boys (and their friends) had a great time at THE WKEND.

 Happy Birthday, America!
 Love our crystal clear pool and banana trees!

 we went to the atlantic coast with our lifelong friends .... just for the day! Of course Chic fil A afterwards!
 Such fun at Backyard Bible Club! It is always so much fun being this these kids.

 We made a trip to Splash in the Boro.  The guys stayed on the Flo Rider the whole day!

Lots more to share.... about our Summer of 2015.  Part 2 soon.  How was/is your summer. We have started back to school this week so lots of changes. We were sad to see summer go... but they are excited for fall.  PLUS, our grandson arrives in the fall/Oct!

Grace~ Teena