Monday, July 07, 2014

Counting my Compassion JOY.

Jill over at Compassion Family shares each month about her Compassion JOYS. It's that time of the month when we take a few moments to name all the gifts and blessings God has brought our way through the ministry of Compassion. Join us! 

This is my first time doing this....   hoping to keep it up and join in each month. I am a little late....  but wanted to jump in! You should give it a try too! 

Letters from Neema, Eritus and Betlhem!

A special picture from Betlhem.

I was able to chat for a bit with Maureen (all the way from Kenya via fb chat) ~ Compassion LDP graduate and ext. director of the Mercy House.
                                       Jan. 2013

Several people from my church (GracePointe) want me to have a Compassion question/answer/letter writing class!

Seeing pictures of several Compassion Advocates trips to meet their sponsored child!

Counting all the ways He blesses us through the ministry of Compassion International!

Sponsor a child today!
Grace~ Teena

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

So Very Important.

We received a beautiful letter from our Compassion girl in Ethiopia.

Betlhem.   She will be 15 in January.

In December of this year we will have Betlhem for 4 yrs. This is the first time we have received a picture with her letter!  We have only received her Compassion pictures when they update them but this time it was a picture of her.

 She shares with me about what she bought with her gift.  She shares about how much she loves us.

Look how much she has grown!
You know reading her words makes me want to sit right down and write her back.  The words we speak into these children's lives are so very important.

I am so thankful of the gift of sponsorship.  To me it is a gift.  We have several children that are ours... who live in different parts of the world. God allows us to touch the heart of a child on the other side of the world.  ONLY God could do that!  

Sometimes I get busy and life gets hard.....    and I stress over things that really do not matter.  I worry about things that I should just give it to God.  So often when I lose my focus...  a cream colored envelop will arrive in my mailbox and as those words jump off the page at me....  I realize just how much I let the small things rob me of the very important things!  

Sponsor a child... change a life forever!
Grace~ Teena

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Twenty Nine Years Ago .....

I became a mother for the very first time. Wow. My oldest son is 29.  That is so hard to believe. Being a mother is the best gift God has ever given me (other than my salvation).  Michael who is now called Mike (except by me, his father and a few siblings)  lives in Orlando with his wife (our wonderful daughter in law) Amber.  He is the worship pastor at Grace Conway. We are so proud of him and miss him lots. We try to see him every few months ....   this time we haven't seen them since March.

As I always say.... time goes so fast.  I remember our first day of home schooling... he was 6. I remember what field trips we took that year, his very first verse he memorized in school....  the journey has been such a gift.  So many great memories....

I love seeing the man he has become. Even though  I do not talk with him every day or sometimes ... every week.... I know this is how life is...   he is such a dedicated man of God, husband and son and brother.

Happy Birthday, Michael. We love you!

Grace~ Teena

Friday, June 13, 2014


Our summer is in full swing here at our house. We started off with a trip to Destin. Remember, we go every year (mostly) stay at a military campground and stay usually a week.  It is one of my favorite places I have ever been too.  I look forward to it.... every year!  It is about 300 miles from here.  Takes us about 5 hrs.  The place we stay is very inexpensive for Destin....   for anywhere really.  I always always tell myself I want to go more than just once a year but it never seems to happen. So, every May we go to my favorite place.

I love taking pictures of all the places we go .....  but especially the beach.  We always visit a little village while in the Destin area... called Seaside.  While at the book store I found a sweet little book. It really spoke to me... I hope to share about it in the next few weeks.

I am so thankful we are able to visit Destin. Thank you for letting me share our trip with all of you. How is your summer going?   Hope you are enjoying your summer!

Sponsor a child today! Change a life forever!
Grace~ Teena