Monday, February 23, 2015

A Wonderful Gift

My sister lives in Orlando. She is a nurse. Her husband died in 1999. They never had children. Sharon works all the time. She has been talking to me for over a year about us going on a cruise. A Disney Cruise. We have never ever been on a cruise and I never really thought about it. We are a one income family, have half dozen of children and ......  well, you know.

Last fall Sharon told us she wanted to book a cruise for Lysa, Wyatt, Wesley and I. I finally agreed. It was her gift to us.
So, on the 6th of February we boarded the Disney Dream..... the day Wyatt turned 13. It was a three night cruise.
Wyatt & Goofy!
Lysa (top), Wyatt (bottom right) and Wes (back) in their beds. They loved it!

This was Lysa & Wes coming into Castaway Cay~ Disney's private island. Look at the water behind them....
This was the ship....  we had just disembarked in Nassau, Bahamas.
Leaving the Bahamas. Atlantis in the back ground.
beautiful water .... at Castaway Cay.
My view on Castaway Cay.
Minnie at the dance party at Castaway Cay
Wyatt on the beach in the Bahamas
Lysa, Wyatt & Wesley, Nassau ~ 2. 7. 15

I struggled with this a lot.....    I hope it is ok to share here. Sometimes when I share this with friends they look at me like I am ungrateful or crazy.   It was so beautiful. The water and seeing ocean all around....

the blue incredible water coming into the Bahamas.....  
but.....  I struggle because I see a lot of excess.  So much food, everyone having so much....  I do love seeing different places. It is a gift. So I should receive it JOYFULLY.

You know.....   Sharon wants to go again .... THIS SEPTEMBER! Her treat again.  The kids are very excited.   I am looking forward to it.  With my parents gone and Billy's parents gone....  they miss having grandparents... so their Aunt doing this will always always be remembered.

A wonderful gift.

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Grace~ Teena

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tomorrow Starts Lent....

Lent. Tomorrow starts Lent.  I love our Way of the Light Wreath. We do things a little different and always change things up. We always do our Wreath. I have given up/sacrificed things or time in years past.  This year I am not sure what I will do.

Lately, we have had lots of stuff going on. Several deaths of friends...  and even a sweet precious 17 month old little girl who is now in the arms of Jesus.  Friends going through struggles and being available to help when needed.   That's real life.

So, I will pull out our Easter box and decide what we will do this year.  Not overwhelm or make my expectations too high.  My boys are 11 & 13 (Wyatt turned 13 this month!) so if I let them they entertain themselves and have one another....    anyway, we will pick a few things to bring us all together....   for laughs and real moments and to look to our Savior.

We will long for spring .....   wait for the green to pop through the ground.... new life.....  

The forty days of Lent begin on the seventh Wednesday before Easter and run up to Maundy Thursday (the day before Good Friday), without counting any of the Sundays in between.

Lent  continues to be a time of preparation for Easter. There's nothing magically spiritual about the dates, God is as open and willing to accept you at any other time of the year as He is during Lent. And it is a tradition, not a biblical mandate. But in a world that makes it difficult to focus on God and seek Him with determination, Lent, like Advent, is a natural and obvious time for such a quest~ Arnold Ytreeide

Easter is my favorite time of year. It is less stressful than Christmas. New Life is all around, the trees are all green and the flowers are blooming.....    it is a wonderful, refreshing time of year.

May the JOY of the Lord be yours.....

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Grace~ Teena

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Beauty All Around~

January in South Georgia is ......  hard.  Maybe not to some who live in extremely cold regions or are use to not seeing the sun shine but here in South Georgia most Januarys are gloomy, rainy, cold and GRAY.   Our winters are short.  One of my uncles lived most of his life in Colorado. He would come to visit in February and complain about the cold! He said the cold here in South Georgia is damp and cuts deep.

My point.....    we are sunshine and warmth people.  We love the beach...  so when January blows in I have to make the effort to see the beauty.   This January we have had LOTS of rain and gray days.

The kids and I went up to Griffin, Georgia to see the Children of the World Choir sing.  It was Friday (23rd)... so we made a field trip out of the day!
We saw old friends and our adopted grandma~  we were able to talk with the children. These were children from the Philippines, Hondorus, Nepal & Uganda. I loved seeing Wyatt & Wesley play games with them.

  Afterward saying goodbye to the children we went to lunch with Mrs. Nancy at the Chic fil A Dwarf House.  It was fun!  Mrs. Nancy is so sweet and loves my children well, it is such a gift to us since all of our grandparents have went to be with Jesus. We said good bye to Mrs. Nancy....  and the kids and I went to Truett's Grille to have dessert. Lots of laughs and a big sugar rush!  On the way home we stopped at High Falls State Park and walked around.... in the rain and cold!

It was a fun day! Memories made......    and now....  January 2015 is just a memory! February is here! Spring is on the way!

May the JOY of the Lord be yours!

Grace~ Teena

Monday, January 19, 2015


One of the books I am reading is The Hardest Peace by Kara Tippets. Kara blogs at Mundane Faithfulness.   Kara is dying. Watching her journey and reading her book has helped me so much. I know that may sound morbid but .....   so often I worry or stress over the "small stuff."  Oh it seems big.....    but really....  it is not.
I find myself worrying over bills, school, life....   etc and not living life with JOY.  As I read Kara's words....   all that dims and I hurt for her as she holds on for another week, day, moment with her family.

As life quickly passes us by.....   and my 12 yr old (5th born) will soon turn 13, what the world says is now a  'teenager'.....   I know all too well how fast time goes.  You know what.....   the bills get paid and school gets finished.... or not.   We will never have THIS day again.....  

So today....  this week, this year.....   I am CHOOSING JOY.  I am smiling more, complaining less, laughing more, hugging more, and just breathing deep.

As I am growing older and this year I will turn 54.....   my youngest will turn 12 this year.  I only have 6.5 yrs left of home schooling.....     and all of our days are numbered .....   so God already knows the day I will see Him face to face....   oh what a glorious day that will be....   but, I want so desperately to live in the moment.....  with JOY.  

Please pray with me for Kara.  Hop over to her blog and listen to her words...   she is such a gift to me!

Grace~ Teena