Sunday, August 10, 2014

Jesus Loves the Little Children....

This summer for the month of July our church~ GracePointe and GracePointe students started a Backyard Bible Club.  It has been amazing. At first the children were shy and not many came.....

Most of these are youth from our church......  but then they started coming......
 As the weeks past.... they would ask.... "are you coming next week?"  We would say "yes!" The last two weeks a few of their parents came to watch too. Our youth pastor Gus always shared how Jesus loved them...   for them to always remember how much He loved them. He would read from the Jesus Storybook Bible, talk with them and pray.


 I loved seeing the relationships grow and even how my youngest boys~ Wyatt & Wesley would talk about their new friends!

On our last Saturday~ our church rented a water slide!

  The children asked us when we would come back. A couple of the girls said they may be moving. My girl... Lysa said she wanted to keep in touch so she gave them her cell number. She loved the girls so much....

The great news.......  our church decided to continue our Backyard Bible Club ONCE a month! The kids were so excited! 

God is faithful. We were so very blessed by these children. They were happy and soaked up the love. So often we think we need to take Jesus to the less fortunate ....  but sometimes I often wonder if it is the less fortunate that bring Jesus to us!  Isn't that just like God. 

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Grace~ Teena

Thursday, August 07, 2014

His Great Creation

I have shared here over and over how very much I love Destin.  I look forward to it every year and always hope we can go more than once a year. It is around 300 miles but the cost is VERY inexpensive for us.

I love the beach.....    really any beach.  Destin is one of my favorite beaches but I love the beach.

 I have shared here....  not very often....  and not many details about my sustaining longing/thorn in my flesh.  It is an on going  situation and God gives me daily grace to walk this journey. For the past several years though ....  as we arrive in Destin a sense of peace comes over me. It is amazing. Several well meaning friends and family....   make comments like "is that the only place you love," or "there are other places that are great too."    I do love other places and I know there are lots of great, beautiful places!"  Sometimes I would even feel guilty because I loved it so much. We stay at a military campground and it is very very basic. For years we would camp in our pop up.  Now we stay at the cabins.

My time there is something else.  I just can not explain it.  I truly believe it is divine. I know God is always with us and I do feel His presence else where .... all the time....   but Destin....  oh my...

This year as we were visiting the little book store that we go to each year....
I found that book "My Beautiful Broken Seashell."  It was like God just allowed me to see it .....  and it explained beautifully how my heart rejoices over Destin and how He cares about the desires of our heart.
~Dawn has broken on a beautiful day here at the ocean. I've come to refresh my weary spirit and to refuel my tired soul. I'm so grateful for the peace and the calm of the seashore, where time stands still and unrushed... where I can see and feel the beauty all around me. This is my first morning at the ocean and as I walk to the beach, feeling the rich warm sand beneath my feet....

~It is low tide and I watch, mesmerized, as the ocean rises slowly .... curls... and then spills its white-laced foam onto the shore...

~/Somehow, here at the ocean, I receive so many gifts. I am grateful for the inner peace that fills my soul. I take time to notice sandpipers playing along the shore.... beach grasses swaying in the salty breezes. I delight in finding simple treasures... a piece of smooth green glass... a transparent white stone... a starfish.... little book I found in our favorite little book store... in one of our favorite places in the world...

They way He loves us....   I have continued to read through this little book several times this summer. It does talk about a shell....  broken....  and I will share more about that too.... 

Also, this song....   has spoken to me this year.....   have you heard it? I just love it.

So many gifts.....   may we take the time to slow down .... refuel and refresh.....

Grace~ Teena

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Compassion Joy Dare~

It's that time again.....  at the end of every month to share.... only I am late... as usual!

July was a quiet month but we did receive a letter from Neema from Tanzania.  That is soooo special! We have watched her grow.....   and she is growing up so fast!

This picture is of Neema ( white dress), Neema's mom and Neema's sister Janeth. With our family gift of $60 that we sent last year they bought this couch! Look at their smiles!

I wrote each of our children this month.  I used the online writing resource. It is so helpful and it only took a few minutes. You can pick a template and upload a picture or two.  I love it.  I do write hand written letters and send stickers and pictures they can hold in their hands!

So thankful for Compassion and what it means to us. We are always so excited to hear from our children!   Join in and share!

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Grace~ Teena

Monday, July 28, 2014

Give Me Jesus~

To start my week.....   I need this.  It's been a crazy couple weeks. Lots of days going here and there and I need to slow myself, my mind and rest in Him.

This song brings so many memories. The first time I heard it was over at Ann's blog.  It was maybe 8 yrs ago. It took a long time to load (the days of dial up!)  and I loved it.  Also, the month (JULY) that my Dad past .... this song eased my heart.

All we need is JESUS.   I am so very thankful for His love for me.

May your week be full of JESUS....   may you rest in Him.

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